4 Tips To Structure Your Baclinking Campaigns

For tips on how to structure your backlinking campaign

business owners often wonder how many backlinks they ought to build and how fast they should build them since search engines use backlinks is one method to determine a website’s ranking it is often tempting to rush out and get as many backlinks as possible for your business website however this mistake of building too many backlinks and building them too quickly can result in google disregarding those links and even

D ranking your site here are a few tips to use in your back linking campaign one generally it is best to start building backlinks slowly and build them up gradually over time this is especially true if your website is brand new because building a thousand backlinks to a brand new site sends warning signals to google to your link velocity or the rate at which you build your backlinks is dependent on how competitive your keyword is for example local businesses operating out of large cities like

Dallas New York or Chicago definitely have more online competition than businesses located in smaller towns however since most local search terms are not as competitive as other internet marketing keywords 50 or so backlinks per week are adequate you can then build up to a maximum of 500 backlinks per month for about one to three months until your website is achieving page one ranking on google then you can slow down your campaign to a maintenance mode 3 when building your backlinks the anchor text should be a combination of your keyword and the URL of your website the split should be about seventy to eighty percent of your keyword and twenty to thirty percent of your U

RL if your site has saved two keywords then split the anchor text across those keywords so that your anchor text is forty percent keyword one forty percent keyword two and twenty percent your website URL for keep track of your backlinks by keeping a list of all the URLs of the website pages you have created a link on this will help you in a number of ways you will know which sites you have already used as a source of backlinks so you don’t duplicate the backlinks you will have a list of backlinks sources you can use on another project you can use the list to create a second layer of backlinks these are other backlinks that point to the first backlinks this helps the first backlinks get indexed faster

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