Choosing The Right SEO Company

Hello, this is John Locke from Lockedown Design, and today I wanted to talk really briefly about how to choose the right SEO consultant or SEO agency, how to choose somebody to actually make your site rank. The reason why I’m making this video is when I talk to a lot of business owners, they really don’t understand how SEO works. Search engine optimization to them, it’s almost like black magic. It’s not something that they understand and to add to that, there’s a lot of people that sell SEO that are basically snake-oil salesmen and they sell you a bunch of work that’s either not going to make you rank long term or it could get you penalized by Google. Here’s just a few things that I would ask anybody that you’re considering to be the best SEO agency Nottingham. Number one, seems really simple but, “Show me somebody that you’ve made rank, show me what keywords you were trying to make them rank for, where they were before and where they ended up.” It’s really important to understand that not all keywords are created equally.

Some drive more traffic than others. Some people search for certain phrases more than they do others. That leads me into number two, “Can you show me the actual search traffic that came from Google organic search which is the engine? What kind of increase did you make in their search traffic?” This is dead simple to do, in Google Analytics they can take a screenshot of it. You can go into Google Analytics, you can go into a site and you can isolate just the Google organic traffic, so just the search traffic, not the traffic, and then you can select a period of time and then compare it to the period before that. If they wanted to say like the last six months compared to the six months before, you can get a really clear idea of how much traffic that they actually affected with their SEO campaigns, and you can see what kind of difference it made.

Ultimately, the whole idea of investing in your SEO is to drive more targeted traffic to your site, and not just any old traffic, but qualified traffic of people who are interested in either learning about your products or buying your products or services. Have them show you an actual graph of where their client was before, and where they were after they started their SEO campaign. The third thing that I would say is important is, do they specialize in your industry vertical? What that means is, there are a lot of people who specialize in certain things, let’s say like SEO for lawyers, SEO for e-commerce, SEO for real estate. What we do is SEO for manufacturing and industrial firms. We understand that particular niche, and we know what it takes to make those companies rank because that is the main people that we deal with as clients.

While it’s true that the principles of SEO are basically the same for 85% of the different verticals out there, it’s always best to deal with somebody who has experience in your particular field. The fourth thing that I would say is, I would ask them, “Do you guarantee rankings? Can you guarantee that you’re going to have me rank number one in Google?” Now, the answer that you should be looking for, and this might surprise some of you is, if they say that they can guarantee that you’re going to rank number one, I would run away from them, because the fact of the matter is, Google and the rest of these search engines, they change their ranking algorithm up to about 500 times a year. If somebody guarantees that they can rank you number one, that’s a bad sign, because nobody can really predict it. Obviously, that’s always the goal. There might be cases where getting you to number one is going to take a lot, a lot of effort. In some cases it might be really easy, but it should never be something that somebody guarantees you. The fifth thing that I would say is, “Who’s going to be actually working on my SEO campaign?” It’s always good to know who’s going to actually be handling the day-to-day of your SEO.

Is it going to be an intern? Is it going to be somebody who’s got experience in that? It’s just good to know. The final thing that I would say is, when you’re choosing an SEO agency or an SEO consultant, sit down with them. Do they give you good vibes? Do they seem like somebody who you can trust what they’re saying? Basically just trust your gut. If something in your gut just says like, they’re probably a bad fit for you, then they’re probably a bad fit.

If you sit down and talk to them, and it feels like you guys can do good work together, if it feels like they’re not going to steer you in the wrong direction, then that agency should probably be on your shortlist of ones to consider. Hopefully this has given you some insight in how to choose an SEO agency or an SEO consultant to help you actually rank. If you have more questions, you can always find out more about what we do at or email me at

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